Telok Blangah

Telok Blangah is translated to mean “cooking pot bay” in Malay. Telok Blangah is centrally located and is the hot favorite of many Singaporean. The home owner of this HDB 3 room flat is a banker who is a young bachelor. A busy professional who sometimes bring home work to do. He is also an excellent cook who loves to whip up a dish or two in his spare time. He shared with us his fascination at how the Japanese interior decorators are so skilled at turning small spaces into zen escape zones.

His is a typical 3 room HDB flat format where the main entrance door opens into the living area. However, he is one who appreciates privacy while relaxing. As such, we used one of the rooms as a living area for his relaxation. To compliment his busy lifestyle and his needs to work from home, we then converted the existing living room into a comfortable work cum study room. This arrangement effectively moved his relaxation corner away from the main door entrance area.

To help express his love for cooking, we created a wet and a dry kitchen where clear glass walls and doors were used to isolate the wet kitchen when heavy cooking is involved. The dry kitchen, however, is an open plan that integrated seamlessly into the dining. The dining area was small and a mirror was used to create the illusion of a longer dining table and the 2 hanging lights were spaced out in such a way that there appeared to have 4 hanging lights.  Indeed, an effective use of light and space. The kitchen and dining thus became one big showcase of his cook wares, ovens, stoves and refrigerator. The stainless steel materials, used for the wet kitchen cabinets, exude industrial orderliness. Orderly yet functional.

This cleverly designed man-cave reflected the owner’s busy lifestyle and his love for life in general. This is testament that small spaces can be interesting spaces. Another satisfying project completed on schedule.