Clementi Avenue 5

Clementi was a relatively old estate developed between 1975 to 1979. Certain apartments from the area had gone through some Home Improvement Programme (HIP) as supported by the government of Singapore as part of their initiative to help maintain the value of old estates. The types of apartments found in this area are usually with rooms that are symmetrical in shape. Perfect candidates for revamp and remodel projects.

The lucky owner of this 3 room flat was a young working couple, yet to have children, who sets out to create their first love nest together. We were excited for them as we took up the challenges to express their ideas within these small spaces.

The front bedroom were knocked down to allow for a larger living hall. Unconventional yet practical in their situation. To further “open up” the whole apartment, we separated the living and dining areas with a sliding glass door. A sense of airiness dawns upon you as you look from the living area, right through to the dining room cabinets.

As they do not cook, they had requested for a small, yet functional kitchen. The small, 1970s art decor, tiles used on the kitchen cabinets’ back-splash evokes a sense of vintage and nostalgic feel to the whole place. In line with the airy design concept, a set of clear glass sliding doors were used to distinguish between the living and the common areas.

The common area walkway was lit up with lights installed along the lower side of the wall. With soft classical music playing in the background, the ambience created transports you to the art gallery walkways of Europe.

In the living room, a full height TV storage cabinet was designed to keep everything out of sight when not in use. Uncluttered living space brings peace and harmony to your well-being through the Minimalist and Zen environment that had been created.  It is so true that ones dwelling place has a profound impact on ones health and happiness. The flip side of this TV cabinet is the full height wardrobe for the master bedroom. This clever design effectively separated the two areas and saved space at the same time.

A simple 3 room HDB flat had been transformed into a modern comfortable loft of efficient use of living spaces. This debunk the argument that interesting designs are only reserved for huge spaces.